1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach - If everyone read this book, the world could be a much better place. https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=8COt1n3jDqA

2. Minimum wage is not currently a realistic option to live on. Minimum Wage This is what I believe it should be.
Demand Change

3. Mark Z Danielewski

4. If companies paid fair wages, more people would have disposable income to spend. Therefore increasing potential customers while increasing the buying power of current customers.

5. Ramp services companies take care of all of the day to day ground operations servicing aircrafts for various companies. We handle cleaning, loading and unloading and a variety of other duties that will be detailed later. A different service company takes care of fueling around the airport.

6. A lot of our cargo is first class mail.

7. FOD - Foreign Object Debris: A fancy way of saying any one of a billion things flying through the air or laying on the ground. Any object will become a deadly projectile if thrown by the back of an engine (including small cars) and just about anything going through the front of the engine could potentially destroy it.

8. You have seen this. We are the guys with the giant glow sticks guiding the plane around. The “wingwalkers” stay to the edges of the wing to show clearance. The marshaller gives directions to follow such as turn, slow down or stop.

9. We call one of these strange plane towing contraptions a pushback

10. I can’t decide if that would be sensitive material, so I am just leaving it out.

11. The blast of super heated air that blows out behind an engine

12. Union members bid for shifts based upon seniority. Frequently there is a list of open shifts that are available if someone wants to switch the shift that they currently have.

13. RabbitEARS in Oakland. They are an amazing organization with owners that care so much and if you are ever in the market for a rabbit this is the place to go.

14. I can’t get a clear answer on this. The steward handbook doesn’t say anything about what to do when you aren’t actively representing the union and the head of our section of the union Ole keeps not giving me an answer when I ask. Our steward said in our one actual conversation that he was removed from working flights but wouldn’t say by who.

15. Fair Compensation

16. To the parents of this family

17. A heartfelt letter from Mcgee to Alaska

18. Some names were missing, I just had them write and sign their names. They were mostly new hires.

19. Jose Aguirre

20. dictionary.com

21. Do you remember what it was?

22. Ole Staveland

23. The world needs heroes

24. a letter to the newsroom

25. Letter to Alaska's Union

26. Please Be Heroes

27. I’m an idiot, this will be funny later.

28. A letter to a hero

29. Dear Ben